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Ready for a Neck and Face Lift near San Marcos, TX

neck and face lift san marcos txSan Marcos, TX is home to Texas State University and the Forensic Anthropology Center which is one of the four extant body farms in the U.S. It is also considered to be the largest of this type of forensic research facilities in the world. There is plenty to do in the area for locals and visitors alike, including the Aquarena Center, the San Marcos National Fish Hatchery and Aquatic Resource Center, the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, and the Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos. San Marcos is also home to Timeless You and Dr. Marc Taylor who offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures including both neck and face lifts.

When Should You Consider a Neck and Face Lift near San Marcos, TX

Neck and face lift surgeries in San Marcos, TX are among the most extensive and comprehensive forms of plastic surgery performed by Dr. Marc Taylor and his team. There are several reasons why you might want to consider having these surgeries performed, including:
  • If you look in the mirror and what you see does not reflect how youthful you feel about yourself
  • If you believe that the sagging skin and wrinkles on your neck and face may be causing you problems in your social life or career
  • If your skin is starting to sag but still retains at least some of its elasticity
  • The day comes when you look in the mirror and simply don't like what you see
Bear in mind that a neck and face lift are both very extensive procedures that are likely to require an extended recovery period that may prevent you from being able to work for up to several weeks. They may also make caring for smaller children more challenging so consider arranging for extra help during your recovery period.

Learn More about a Neck and Face Lift near San Marcos, TX

If you would like to learn more about a neck and face lift in San Marcos, TX we invite you to contact us at 210-305-5797 and schedule your free initial consultation. During this time, Dr. Taylor will assess your general health and go over your wants, needs, and expectations to help guide you towards making the right decision.