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Tightening Loose Skin with a Neck Lift

Time can be hard on the skin and the soft tissues beneath it. As our skin loses elasticity, gravity has its way and the folds, lines, and sagging skin on the neck and chin can become unsightly and make us feel even older than we really are. A popular way to deal with the inevitable […]


Neck and Face Lift Points to Consider

Neck-face lift surgery, performed by Dr. Marc Taylor, can help you look rested and refreshed.The results of this type of cosmetic surgery is a more youthful appearance that leaves you feeling much more self-confident. As you begin to age, the effects of years of exposure to stress, UV radiation, and pollution can cause the skin on […]

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What Is a Smart lipo neck lift?

  Can a Smart lipo neck lift help my double chins and turkey neck? A double chin and turkey neck tends to make you look overweight and frequently older than you really are. Until the advent of the Smart lipo neck lift, the only real solution to this problem was to undergo a surgical neck […]

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