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Brow Lift or a Brow Suspension in San Antonio

Sagging eyebrows or a sagging forehead can result from numerous causes but can be resolved with a brow lift or a brow suspension.

A brow suspension helps to raise the eye brow to it's normanl position. This opens the eyes and is less invasive than a full brow lift. The suspension can be done alone or at the same time as upper eyelid surgery.

Some of the more common causes are:

  •  A “genetic” or family trait that gives a “low brow” look.
  •  The aging process with loss of the thickness and volume of the forehead skin and brow tissues.
  •  A loss of volume with flattening or “deflation” of the brow that creates sagging and “hooding.”
  •  Sun damage that thins and weakens the skin.

Because there frequently is not just one solution to a “sagging brow,” Dr. Marc Taylor evaluates each individual to determine their best options for a brow lift.

before brow suspension
Before eye brow suspension.
After upper eyelid surgery with brow suspension and fat transfer.

Common Approaches to the Brow Lift/Suspension in San Antonio

In those individuals with excess upper eyelid skin with “hooding” from a sagging brow, the two most common approaches used by Dr. Taylor are:

  •  An upper eyelid procedure, to remove the  extra skin and a  brow “suspension” or “lateral” forehead elevation procedure. This procedure avoids the major problems of a  “forehead lift” with its long incisions and permanent numbness of the forehead and scalp area.
  •  An upper eyelid procedure, plus a brow suspension, and natural fat injections to the brows. This procedure  fills the brows with your own natural fat which results in the elevation of the brows which  “opens” the eyes.
  • The cost for a brow suspension and the recovery is much less than a full brow lift.

Call us to schedule your free consultation, and at that time Dr. Taylor will be glad to discuss the various options and surgical choices that are best for you.