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The idea of dissolving “problem” fat in different areas of the body without having to have liposuction or some other major procedure has led to the development of many different types of machines and methods.

A great deal of research continues to go on today to try to find the best method to dissolve fat without destroying the surrounding tissues.

With few exceptions all of the various machines that have been developed use a special laser, infrared, or external ultrasound that has a special hand piece that is rubbed over the fat areas.

After applying the treatment a certain amount of the fat is dissolved. Some of these techniques involve injection of anesthetic or fluids before the treatment. They all are limited in how much fat can be dissolved with each treatment, and multiple treatments are almost always required.

Dr. Marc Taylor has a special external ultrasound that can dissolve localized areas of fat. He also has a SmartLipo laser that can be used to treat localized areas of fat.

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