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 Face lift vs a "mini" Lift!                  Apply for Care Credit

3D Animation from the American Society of plastic surgeons.

A minimally invasive Face lift is not a “mini-lift”, a quick-lift, or threaded procedure that is limited to only a few areas and is short lasting.

Before face lift and natural fat transfer.

The  results are a natural, rested, refreshed look that is long lasting.

6 weeks After minimally invasive face lift and natural fat transfer. Individual results may vary.

Whether you are 40 or 70 a Timeless Lift  can help the aging process.

The Timeless Lift  Face lift procedure is designed to help you reach your individual goals. It is as “minimally invasive” as possible resulting in smaller incision plus a shortened recovery period. Most individuals can return to normal activity in 10-14 days. 


Before face lift procedure.Individual results may vary.

    The  Timeless lift is a minimally invasive face lift procedure. It does not just pull up the skin to tighten a few areas for a short time like the "mini-lift" procedures. It surgically removes excess fat and excess skin, tightens the neck muscles, and re-positions and suspends upwards the underlying facial soft tissues in order to provide a natural long lasting result.

After Timeless lift and natural fat transfer to midface and chin.

The  results are a natural, rested, refreshed look that is long lasting.

Before Face Lfit,eyes, and laser treatment.

The Timeless Lift helps to eliminate the sagging neck and cheek skin, eliminate excess fat in areas, redefine the jaw line, tighten the neck, tighten the jowl regions, and lift the cheeks.

After minimally invasive face lift procedure, plus eyelids, and laser treatment. Individual results may vary.

The face lift can help people in many ways but the quality of  a person's skin is affected by genetics, diet, exercise, skin care routines,medications, sun exposure, and the "natural" aging process. These factors play a role in how long the results will last.

At your free consultation with Dr. Taylor he will evaluate and discuss your goals and what procedure(s) would be best for you. Many times there are multiple issues that contribute to the aging process. Once evaluated other procedures may be recomended to be done at the same time,or later, if time and finances are a factor. 

Often time with the laser assited face lift upper and lower eyelids can be done to remove hooding , excessive skin, and fat pads. A brow suspension lifts the eyebrow and opens the eyes.

For fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots and uneven skin pigmentation due to sun damage, and the loss of elsticity of the skin a full face laser treatment could be added.

Natural Fat replacement for volume loss is another option.With the "natural" aging process the skin becomes thin and it losses volume. The eyebrow "deflate" and drop. All ot this can contribute to the "tired" look. We use your own natural fat to restore the loss of volume in thses areas. Juvederm is also an option.

When multiple procedures are done the areas heal at the same time and you receive a discount on the multiple procedures.  We call it "more bang for your buck"!

  Helping you make an educated decision is our goal.