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Minimally Invasive Facelift Procedure in San Antonio

Before Minimally invasive face lift and natural fat transfer.
After Minimally invasive face lift plus natural fat transfer.
The term “minimally invasive facelift procedure” can be confusing because the term is used to describe many different types of surgical procedures. In most cases the term refers to a “quick,” quickly done, and limited surgery that uses small incisions and special long needles to insert some type of “special” suture or “thread” to pull up and to lift up the skin and muscles. Because they have less swelling and bruising and rapid healing, in certain individuals these procedures can be very beneficial, even though they can be very limited in the length of time they last.

Dr. Taylor performs the minimally invasive facelift procedure in certain individuals that have good skin tone with minimal laxity, sun damage, and excess fat. The jaw line, jowls, and middle face regions that have very early sagging and good skin tone are the areas that normally respond the best.

    About the Minimally Invasive Facelift Procedure

Under a local anesthetic small incisions are made in the hair line above the ears and in the chin or jaw line and special long needles are used to pass specially designed sutures through the sagging tissues to bring them up vertically and to tighten them.

The “minimally invasive facelift procedure,” as well as other “nonsurgical”options, can delay the need for a facelift procedure, but they cannot replace surgery. For many people especially those with significant excess fat, excess skin, weak muscles, or sun damaged skin, there are no“nonsurgical” or “minimally invasive” options currently available that can replace a neck or Timeless Lift facelift procedure. 

Dr. Marc Taylor designs all his procedures for each patient to be as “minimally invasive” as possible by combining the best proven surgical techniques with the newest lasers and instruments to give a natural looking, refreshed, and more youthful change to the neck and middle of the face regions that is long lasting.

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