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Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Procedures in San Antonio

                 1.What is special about the “minimally invasive face lift” or the “Timeless Lift”?

  1. The Timeless Lift is a “special” face lift in that it is done under local sedation anesthetic (you are not put to sleep), and it is a combination of the proven best, long term face lift techniques combined with the newest lasers and instruments. In this way it is “minimally invasive,” while long lasting. It is not the old deep face lift with long healing times, but it is more than just a “mini-lift,” which just pulls the sides of the face. Also, our techniques involve bringing the facial tissues in a vertical direction (“up”) as opposed to the old face lift way of pulling “back,” which made you look like you were constantly in a wind tunnel.
    1. Do I have to be put to sleep?
    No, we want you sleepy but awake during the plastic surgery cosmetic procedure to change positions for us throughout the procedure and to have a faster recovery. All our plastic surgery cosmetic procedures are done with the patient taking some pills to help them relax and then injecting the areas with local anesthetic (like the dentist). Most people find this very beneficial.
    1. Will I be away from work for long?
    For many reasons, the swelling and bruising cannot be predicted. Depending on your work, most can return to work in 7-21 days. Most patients go back to work in 7-10 days, even though they might still have some degree of swelling and bruising because they are not working in the public. Because our doctors have performed hundreds of procedures, the procedure is usually completed in about 2-2 ½ hours. Although everyone is different, for most patients this means less swelling and faster healing than the old face lift techniques.
    1. I have my son’s wedding (or class reunion, or whatever) next month, should I have a plastic surgery cosmetic procedure?
    Probably not. Even though most of our patients heal well with minimal swelling and bruising, planning 3-6 months ahead for any special event is much better.
    1. Is there a “right age” to have a plastic surgery cosmetic face lift procedure?
    No. Everyone is different with different factors (genetics, diet, drugs, etc.) playing a role in how they look and the condition of their skin. Whether you are in your 40s or healthy and in your 70s, you might benefit from surgery.
    1. Will I have a lot of scarring?
    Most people have minimally visible scars.
    1. Are there any risks?
    There are always risks with any plastic surgery cosmetic procedure. Because it is surgery, everyone has some degree of swelling and bruising, which takes time to resolve. Smoking, previous medical conditions, drugs, and other factors all play a role in the healing time, recovery, and results. These issues will be discussed at your consultation.
    1. What are the costs?
    In general the costs are much less than the traditional face lift done under general anesthesia. Click on the “Costs” button on the Home page or click here. At the time of your consultation, the final specific costs for you will be discussed.

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