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or                         In Office Surgical Suite

    Everyone has some normal “nervousness” prior to the surgery.From the time of your first consult through your final post operative visit all of your care will be performed in our Surgical Suite. You will be well taken care of by our well trained staff. Everyone involved with your care,from the front desk to the surgical staff we are there for you.    Because we care about you, we avoid all the problems with a general anesthetic and risks of being totally “put to sleep.” At our in office surgical suite we use oral sedation to relax you and the surgeons will use local anesthetics during the surgical procedure to maintain your level of comfort.    You are relaxed, but not totally “knocked out”during the procedure. With the use of our modern operating room equipment we monitor your vital signs throughout the procedure.    We have found that with the use of local anesthesia our patients recover more quickly and experience less side effects after surgery when compared to general anesthesia. Many patients have commented afterwards that the surgery was “well worth the experience."