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Juvederm Fillers or Natural Fat for Volume Replacement of Face and Lips                                            

Juvederm fillers have been one of the go to products to replace the volume we lose in the face as we age. Recently more and more physicians are using ones own fat to replace this volume lose. The fat is gently taken from around the belly button area and concentrated with the stems cells then injected in the areas needing" plumping". The fat takes several months to settle but what is there at that time usually remains. The procedure is more involved than just injecting an "off the shelf: product, but the results are long lasting. With the stem cells in the mixture that " youthful" appearance of the skin is an added bonus with the natural fat transfer. Some have only one treatment, while others have a second treatments months or years later to get the fullness that they desire.When replacing volume loss by “filling” an area, Dr. Taylor prefers to use your own body fat for volume replacement. It is safe, natural, and produces long lasting results.

Juvederm and off the shelf fillers are also an option. The can do several things:

  1. They can be used to give an idea of what a filler will accomplish.

  2. Injectible are quick and easy to have done. with minimal down time.

 The fat injection process requires the gentle removal of a small amount of excess fat from your own body, usually from around the belly button. The fat is immediately concentrated and then injected into the target areas of your body.


                            Natural Fat Transfer to midface and lips


Filling the facial areas around the mouth, the cheeks, the lips, and above the eyes with Juvederm or  the injections of your own fat can help to restore that "youthful look." The back of the hands can also be treated to add volume that you lose over time. We have found that using one’s own fat tends to last much longer than standard injections of Juvederm and other "off the shelf" products. Both options are available depending on your needs.

The most common areas for volume replacement are:

  • Middle face 

  • Nasolabial fold

  • Marionette lines

  • Lips and mouth

  • Eyebrows

  • Chin

  • Hands

 As with our minimally invasive lift and other procedures, most patients can return to most normal activities within 7-10 days after surgery. Fat has been used for over 100 years by plastic surgeons. The re-injection of fat harvested by liposuction is a well established procedure in plastic surgery. These fat grafts are also commonly used to augment the breasts and to rejuvenate the aging hands. Gentler harvesting techniques, smaller cannulas, and refinement in processing the graft have improved graft survival.

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