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Laserabrasion  in San Antonio

What is a Laserabrasion ?

Pt 2 before laser face
Before Laser Treatment
The laserabrasion or "gentle" light laser skin treatment is designed for people that need a “real” laser treatment for their skin problems, but would like the healing to be complete in 1-3 days. When you have a “gentle laser”, or light “laserabrasion”, on a Thursday or Friday, you are usually healed and can return to work on Monday.Make up can be applied if needed. Those in the younger age group, are fortunate, and have only very early or a limited amount of wrinkles, sun damage, and acne scars.These individuals are the ones that can benefit from a variety of “gentle” skin treatments.

After Laser Treatment
After Laser Treatment

The web is loaded with web sites and advertisements for “photofacials,” “resurfacing,” or “skin rejuvenation” treatments to the body, all claiming to improve the skin, using a variety of methods and machines, including magnets, spa massages, lotions, topical acids, intense pulsed light (IPL), infrared (IR), tissue freezing devices, and lasers. In reality unless the proper amount of energy is delivered to the appropriate level of the skin, there will not be any permanent change or improvement in the skin.

Unfortunately, many of the individuals promoting and giving some of these forms of “cheaper and easier” treatments have led people to believe that lasers only create a lot of tissue damage with long healing times and prolonged redness. This is not true.

History of Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Using Lasers

Lasers have a long history of providing excellent and permanent results for many different skin conditions, and they can be used for “gentler” and quicker healing “laserabrasion” treatments. It is true that the old CO2 lasers had a “solid” laser beam, and after a laser treatment it often took weeks to heal and for the redness to resolve. Those old CO2 lasers are long gone.

Dr. Taylor uses a newer “fractional” laser because they are designed to treat not only the common superficial skin problems, but to stimulate the collagen and to treat the deeper tissues as well, leading to a more refreshed and smoother skin surface.

These new “fractional” CO2 lasers are computerized to break up the laser beam into small dots, leaving healthy tissue between the dots. Also, the fractional laser’s “strength” and depth of treatment are easily controlled and modified for each person’s skin type and skin condition. Because of these controls, a patient can receive either a “light laserabrasion” treatment, with only 1-3 days for healing, or if desired, a deeper treatment with 4-7 days for healing. This means regardless of the level of laser treatment, “fractional” lasers make permanent changes to the skin and have much quicker healing times and less redness than the old lasers.

And, once healed, any redness can be covered with makeup, allowing for a quicker return to normal activities.

Whether you need only one treatment to obtain significant results or whether you require a series of treatments spaced 2-3 months apart, the “light laserabrasion” is affordable and easy with minimal healing time.

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