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Affordable Neck Lift in San Antonio

If your sagging neck and chin areas have a lot of excess skin, loose muscles, or skin with poor elasticity, you need proper medical assessment to determine what approach would be best for you.  Wrinkled and sagging skin and weak neck muscles due to aging, or after significant weight loss, or a combination of different factors a neck lift and or face lift can significantly help to remove the fat and tighten the sagging in the neck and face areas.

The  Neck Lift plus a Face Lift procedures removes excess fat and excess skin, tightens the neck muscles, and re-positions and suspends upwards the underlying facial soft tissues in order to provide a natural long lasting result.

56 yohf after lift only side

56 yohf before lift only sideNeck lift in San Antonio have many options. There are several options that we found work well with different individuals. Like any “problem,” the answer depends on the cause of the sagging. Many factors play a role in the development of a sagging chin and neck, including genetics, diet, exercise, drugs, the sun, and of course, the natural aging process. Luckily, there is a neck lift procedure to alleviate this all too common issue.

The Face Lift can help the sagging chin and neck, whether you are 40 or 70. The Face Lift does not just pull up the skin to tighten a few areas for a short time like the “quick or mini-lift,” or “Thread Lift” procedures. It is designed for each patient to be as “minimally invasive” as possible in order to avoid the significant scarring and long term recovery that occurs with the older, more aggressive neck lift techniques. The neck lift is done using oral and local anesthesia in our surgical OR. This makes the cost of the procedure more affordable and the recovery quicker for you.

 In many people the best option for a sagging chin and neck is to have a “neck and face lift” procedure, what we call a Face Lift. An incision is made in the crease under the chin to deal with the sagging chin and neck. A second incision is made in the natural creases of the face along the hairline, the front of the ear, and around the earlobes. When using this procedure the excessive neck skin and fat are removed more completely, and the underlying neck muscles are tightened across the entire neck, not just the front. This technique is better for most people in helping to define the jaw line, tighten the neck, and tighten the jowl regions.

Sometimes it is just “the family trait” giving even a relatively young person that extra fat or hanging neck. If this is the case and there is not a large amount of fat the Smart lipo procedure may be right for you.  A small incision hidden in the crease under the chin can be used to laser and then liposuction the melted fat away. In someone with a fairly large amount of fat it might be necessary to use a slightly larger incision hidden in the crease under the chin to make sure all the fat is removed and to tighten the neck muscles.

After sagging neck lift
After neck and face lift
sagging neck before surgery
Before sagging neck and chin.
Before face and neck lift
Before "turkey neck".
After face and neck lift
After face and neck lift.

Surgical vs Non Surgical Solutions:

Non surgical procedures, such as:

  Think of your sagging chin and neck skin as a pair of pants. Non surgical neck lift treatments are the equivalent of washing pants in hot water and ironing them out. Non surgical neck lift options such as laser of the neck can help to shrink and smooth your skin, but neck lift surgery is like hemming your pants-nothing you do is going to make your pants 3 inches shorter unless you hem them.

  Before lface and neck liftAfter face land neck lift

When it comes to determining the best treatment options for your sagging neck and chin, you have to make some very important choices. Since 2011 Dr. Taylor has specialized in procedures of the face and neck. He has done over 2000 facial procedures since 2011, all under oral sedation with local anesthesia. His staff is experienced and knowledgeable in the facial procedures he performs. Dr. Taylor and the staff  would love to evaluate your sagging chin and neck and help you discover what options are  the best for you.

Like everything in life, when it comes to facial rejuvenation options, “not everyone is the same.”

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