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Line 540 Skin Care Products are designed and specially formulated to protect and to care for your skin.

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Glycolic Wash  8 ounces   $50 Add To Cart 

 The Glycolic Wash is a unique combination of glycolic acid and other high quality skin cleansers formulated to remove daily enviromental contaminets, oils, and dead skin from the face, hands, and if desired the body. Glycolic acid,which is made from cane sugar, has become an affective ingredient in anti-aging and cosmecutical products.  Very easy to use. After washing your face with soap and water, do a second wash with a small amount of the glycolic wash to remove leftover residue and oils. Pat dry. Applying a small amount of our Rejuv 10 and moisturizing lotion after using the glycolic wash is recommended.


 Rejuvenating Lotion 10 (Rejuv 10)  8 ounces  $75  Add To Cart

Rejuvenation 10 Lotion is an optimal mix of selected emollients with 10% glycolic acid that helps to soften the skin,while stimulating collagen formation. Rejuv 10 helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,softens the skin, and stimultes the production of collagen,to help tighten the skin. After washing the face, neck, and hands with Glycolic Wash,simply massage into the face, hands,and neck a small amount of the Rejuv 10 lotion. Depending on your daily routine you can do this once or twice a day. It is definitly a great way to give your skin a boost at the end of  your busy day.

 Moisturizing Lotion    $20  Add To Cart 

This 8 ounce bottle of oil free, fragrant free moisturizer, will help your skin feel moist and soft. This  lotion is specifically formulated to keep moisture in the skin and help it stay healthy with out the greasy look or feel. Since it is fragrant free, it is ideal for both men and women. It does not contain any glycolic acid. This moisturizing lotion can be used from head to toe. Our moisturizing lotion is designed to be used in combination with the glycolic wash and the rejuv 10 lotion. A little goes a long way! Use as needed throught the day.


Fortified Cream 20      $85  Add To Cart 

Specifically designed for very dry, rough, or irritated skin. When skin becomes dry and cracked from constant washing of the hands, or from enviromental irritants throughout the day,this product may help. Fortified cream 20 is a mix of 20% glycolic acid in an emollient base to help heal cracked,irritated,or dry skin. Massage into clean,dry, cracked skin as needed.

  Oily Skin and Acne Solution 8    $35  Add To Cart

Designed to help with the outbreak of acne and oily skin problems. This 4 ounce bottle contains a combination of 8% glycolic acid and a base specially formulated to remove oils and other lipids present in acne and oily skin. Easy to use! After cleansing the affected area with soap and water or with our Glycolic wash, apply a small amount of the Acne Solution 8 onto a cottonball and place on the areas of the outbreak. With use the solution cleanses the irritated area and helps to restore a healthy enviroment that is not condusive to acne outbreaks. Acne is a medical condition that may require medical attention. Antibiotics and other perscription medications may be needed to treat acne. If any questions please contact Dr.Taylor or a dermatologist for a proper evaluation and a course of treatment.

It is highly recommended that the skin be cleansed first with our 540 Line Glycolic Wash to help to control and eliminate acne and oily skin. Our oily skin and acne solution 8 can be used by teens and adults that have acne issues and oily skin tendencies.


  KIT ONE    $130 Add To Cart 

   Glycolic Wash   8 ounces

Rejuvenating Lotion 10   8 ounces

Moisturizing Lotion    8 ounces


 Acne Kit             $60   Add To Cart   

 Acne Solution 4 ounces

 Glycolic  Wash 8 ounces