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Laser Skin Treatment for Sun Damage

Reversing Sun Damage to Your Skin with Laser Skin Treatment

laser skin treatmentNo matter how hard you try, and despite the dire warnings by doctors, dermatologists, and many other medical experts, the average person in Texas simply cannot avoid going out in the sun. The worst part is that few, if any bother with regular protection for their skin in the form of sunscreen. All of this seemingly endless exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays can lead to skin damage such as wrinkles and sun spots, along with many other unwanted forms of damage to your neck, face, hands, and other areas.

Using Laser Skin Treatment to Reverse the Damage

Dr. Marc Taylor uses the latest in laser skin treatment to help reduce and in many cases eliminate the damage caused by the Texas sun. The use of lasers as a form of skin treatment to reverse damage caused by the sun, was first introduced during the mid-1990s. Using lasers in this manner soon became one of the most popular forms of treatment for this type of damage in the country.

How Does Laser Skin Treatment Work?

This form of non-invasive skin treatment involves using a finely tuned laser to make small controlled injuries to your skin. This tiny amount of damage stimulates the production of collagen, which the skin uses to repair itself. As these repairs occur, new skin cells are grown, healing the damage caused by the sun, aging, and many other forms of exposure. Laser skin treatment is a unique form of treatment that can achieve amazing results without the need for any type of surgical procedure. Many of our patients have experienced dramatic results such as the reduction or elimination of sun spots, the brown spots often associated with aging, the removal of scars caused by acne, and many other forms of skin damage. Previously many of these forms of skin damage either could not be repaired or required invasive cosmetic surgery to eliminate.

Learn More about Laser Skin Treatment

The best way to learn more about laser skin treatment and find out if it is right for you is to contact  Dr. Marc Taylor's office and schedule your free consultation. During this time, Dr. Taylor will discuss your options and determine whether or not laser skin treatment is right for you.
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