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What Is a Minimally Invasive Face Lift?

The term “minimally invasive face lift” does not have just one “definition,” because it refers to several types of surgical techniques used to deal with sagging skin and muscles of the face and neck. Some physicians use the term to refer to surgery that uses small incisions, long needles, and special types of suture to pull up the facial skin and muscles. This method can provide short-term benefit in certain individuals. Most often, Dr. Marc Taylor uses the term to describe how each patient‘s face lift is designed to be as “minimally invasive” as possible. When it comes to rejuvenating one or more areas of your face, a minimally invasive face lift procedure might very well be a way for you to obtain the results you desire.

A Shift Has Occurred

Over the last ten years, there has been a major shift in the field of face lift surgery. The shift has been towards performing a “minimally invasive” face lift procedure, while obtaining the same excellent results. This approach uses newer techniques in order to:
  1. Avoid all the problems associated with general anesthetics during a traditional face lift procedure.
  2. Decrease the long recovery times, the prolonged bruising and swelling, and the long visible scars associated with many of the older face lift methods.
Dr. Taylor is a surgeon that performs a “minimally invasive” face lift procedure by combining the best face lift surgical techniques with the newest, highly specialized surgical equipment. Every patient is different, so every procedure is designed to address the areas of concern in as “minimally invasive” a way as possible. When compared to the older, more invasive methods of the face lift procedure, using this “minimally invasive face lift” approach provides a shorter recovery time, less scarring, and more natural looking results that give a long lasting refreshed look to the face and neck.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Minimally Invasive Face lift?

If you are interested in finding out if you are a good candidate for a minimally invasive face lift procedure, we invite you to contact us at 210-305-5797. Call us to schedule your free consultation, and at that time Dr. Taylor will be glad to discuss the various options and surgical choices that are best for you.

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