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All About Smart Laser Liposuction

fat removalLiposuction is a very popular form of fat removal surgery that has been in use since the 1980s and is usually very successful at removing excess fat. During this process, the doctor will use a hollow tube called a cannula to remove the excess fat from under your skin. The cannula is attached to a suction machine by a tube, and then it is inserted through small incisions made in your skin into the areas of excess fat. The cannula is moved through the fat, and the fat is then “liposuctioned” out. The net result is a slimmer more attractive shape to the area. Liposuction is particularly effective in areas such as the thighs, back, abdomen, neck, arms, and face. While it is one of the most effective forms of fat removal surgery, it does have a recovery time of one to six weeks, depending on the areas, and can be one of the most expensive methods of fat removal.

Laser Liposuction Fat Removal Surgery

There are many different “infrared,” laser, “radiofrequency,” and tissue freezing machines on the market that are all designed to “dissolve” small amounts of fat without having surgical liposuction with a cannula. These machines are applied to the skin surface above the fat, or they have special tiny cannulas that are passed through the fat tissues using tiny skin incisions. In this way the fat tissues are damaged by being lasered, heated, or frozen, and the body absorbs the fat over the next six to twelve weeks. Of course everyone would love a way to destroy unwanted excess fat without major surgery, and for certain individuals, these treatments work very well with good results. But, these forms of “non-invasive” treatment have limits. They cannot remove large amounts of fat, frequently require multiple treatments to an area, can take weeks to obtain results, and can be very expensive. Smart Lipo™ laser liposuction utilizes a low-energy laser fiber that is designed to liquefy and remove unwanted fat cells. When dealing with localized small areas of fat, this is the preferred fat removal option of Marc Taylor, M.D. at Timeless You of San Antonio. For instance, to dissolve small amounts of excess fat under the chin the Smart Lipo™ laser can be passed through the tissues using a local anesthetic. The fat then slowly absorbs with time. If larger amounts of fat are present, after using the Smart Lipo™ laser, Dr. Taylor will use a small cannula to suction out the fat. This procedure has another significant advantage over just having “traditional” liposuction fat removal surgery. The laser technology used for SmartLipo™ not only has the ability to dissolve the unwanted fat so that it can be suctioned out easier, but it also helps to stimulate the collagen in the overlying skin tissues in order to help to tighten skin and remove wrinkles. Also, due to the fact that laser liposuction of smaller areas is less invasive than traditional liposuction procedures, the recovery time is often much less. Most patients are able to resume normal activity within days after their procedure.

Learn More about Laser Liposuction Fat Removal Surgery

It is easy to learn more about the various forms of fat removal surgery and to discover which treatment is right for you. Contact Marc Taylor, M.D. at Timeless You of San Antonio for your free consultation. During this time, Dr. Taylor will discuss your options and determine whether or not laser liposuction treatment is right for you. Call 210-305-5797 to schedule your appointment today!

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